Scarborough ★★★★

Score : 8.6/10 ✅

I won’t lie. This was hard to stomach. But in the end, so beautiful and necessary. It was kind of demanding watching this in the comfort of my living room knowing deeply that some families/kids are experiencing the exact same lifestyle at this exact moment. It makes me reconsider how grateful I truly am.

Scarborough doesn’t try to simulate anything except harsh facts about low-income families and their daily struggles and I think it’s well-represented in that sense. The movie feels observed rather than staged and it makes everything so real and grounded.

It’s at times super sweet and hopeful, it makes me realize that some kids (that aren’t older than 8 years old) are finding pleasure in small things despite being underprivileged (such as buying something at the dollar store, finding a best friend, expressing themselves). The movie is also very sad and poignant, most of my frustration comes from one character (the father, you guessed it) that makes everything insufferable for his little sweet girl. Rarely do I get frustrated but that father character was making me so angry that I could have punched through a wall. In contrast, I was so happy to witness love and compassion through the teacher's attempts and tactics to bring a glimpse of joy to Laura and the other kids, that was so sweet.

Highly recommended. Mainly because it’s a solid drama that doesn’t restrain itself to demonstrate realities and challenges against a system that keeps failing those who need assistance.

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