The Autopsy

The Autopsy ★★★★½

Score : 9/10 ✅

Episode 3 out of 8 from Guillermo Del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities

My absolute favourite episode, so far. It got everything I need. An excellent combo of actors/director (The Empty Man (2020) is still one of my favourite horror movie of that year so let’s just say that I was already sold) a disgusting creature, a frightening place (seriously, working alone in a morgue is a big NO-NO for me) and a very compelling story told in a preoccupied way. This was just freaking awesome.

I don’t know where it was going, don’t know how it was going to end and I certainly didn’t know what to expect after the first 5 minutes. It actually clicked to me that the episode was called The Autopsy when we reach the middle portion of the film.

Love the relation between those extreme close-ups of spiders and their webs and the cortex (or whatever that was). Was very fitting and cosmically gripping. So yep, this one hit the right spot in the matter of creepiness and curiosity. Deserves that 4 ½ star easily.

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