• Sick



    Score : 7.5/10 ✅

    I enjoyed it. Arguably a fun take on the slasher genre.

    Viciously violent, minimalist, straight to the point, heavily Covid-related, and ferociously bloody. There’s also a large success in terms of delivering a wild cat-and-mouse experience. Overall, I’m satisfied and I’ll recognize that Sick was actually pretty good.

    I just wish the movie was a bit less dark. I get it if it's by design (because we are in the woods) and the house has almost…

  • Hypnotic



    Score : 5.8/10 ✅

    The temptation is very high to describe Hypnotic as the best unintentional comedy of the year.

    It’s such a weird film.

    It’s visually boring yet surprisingly silly (and cheesy) in a mesmerizing way. I couldn’t figure out what the film was after 5 minutes. Later on, once the twist was revealed; I couldn’t understand what the movie wanted to be. It feels like a 2005 comic-book film that was directed by two perfect strangers who were…

  • Insidious: The Red Door

    Insidious: The Red Door


    Score : 3.5/10 ✅

    It trips over itself in terms of delivering an interesting story and has the audacity to waste the Lipstick-Face Demon. Another unnecessary sequel in a franchise that should have ended a long time ago.

    The Red Door has barely any worthwhile moments. I can think of one or two scenes that were promising in terms of building some tension. The rest is laughably scare-free and embarrassingly boring. An unsuccessful debut feature from Patrick Wilson. I love…

  • NYAD



    Score : 7.7/10 ✅

    How come I’ve never heard of Diana Nyad? I must live under a rock…or in this case a shell because I was unaware of her existence, let alone her achievements.

    From the moment I realized this was about a woman in her sixties who wanted to swim from Cuba to Florida (110 miles) without help or with the security of a shark cage, I became heavily interested. It felt hallucinatory to witness the conquest of her…

  • Leo



    Score : 6.6/10 ✅

    Surprise, surprise. It’s not that bad.

    Given the fact that I embrace chaotic animated films, Leo worked for me. The rhythm is fast and the jokes are repeatedly in your face (for better or for worse). I got accustomed after a few minutes but I believe you have to give it a chance for more than 10 minutes because I thought it was going to be terrible because of the ‘musical’ segments. And let me be…

  • Napoleon



    Score : 6.3/10 ✅

    Not sure why but I feel I could go lower if I venture my way through history content on YouTube. Sorry, Mr. Scott but your indifference towards Napoleon Bonaparte hurts every frame when your camera and direction are outside a huge battlefield.

    This film wants to be great but there’s a colossal lack of focus when it comes to the story and the pacing. Napoleon is jumping from locations, years, achievements, challenges, conflicts, and an ambiguous…

  • Next Goal Wins

    Next Goal Wins


    Score : 8.4/10 ✅

    This might be the funniest thing that I’ve seen so far this year. If you are looking for a safe movie and you are enjoying the idiotic sense of humor from Taika Waititi. Laughs guaranteed.

    This is the modest storyline where an outsider comes to help a sports team, and unconsciously himself, against a series of challenges. Only this time, it’s not about winning or being the best version of yourself, Next Goal Wins swimmingly aims…

  • Bottoms



    Score : 8.1/10 ✅

    Dumb and absurd. But mainly audacious. An ingredient that a lot of comedies are missing these days.

    Sometimes, I feel movies that are aiming for comedy are either really funny or are running out of ideas after barely 5 minutes. Bottoms is on the good side here. It is funny, and it stays funny. By bringing a set of rules that make no sense in their world, Bottoms is going to some places that we aren’t…

  • Fingernails



    Score : 7/10 ✅

    The most accurate definition of a 7 out of 10 movie. It’s good. The performances are great. The concept is interesting. But it’s doing 2 steps ahead and 3 steps back every time it has the chance to push the story forward.

    Fingernails works well because Jessie Buckley utilizes her uncertainty regarding her own emotions with a lot of clarity. Is she in love? Is she ‘still’ in love? Is she sad? Is she happy? She…

  • Manodrome



    Score : 7.9/10 ✅

    A quick tour to the manosphere featuring hypermasculinity and unarguable influence.

    Adrien Brody and Jesse Eisenberg in the same movie is actually very fitting. For this reason alone, I think the movie is worth your time. They were both extremely great.

    Manodrome is illustrative of a bigger problem. A lot of men are left alone, physically and emotionally, when they are on the brink of questioning their own masculinity. Misogynistic influencers that show compassion and coalition…

  • Night of the Hunted

    Night of the Hunted


    Score : 6.7/10 ✅

    First things first; that’s a very cool opening title card. 👍

    A great premise that takes advantage of its location but not of its script. It starts to be good when our protagonist gets shot by a sniper and overwhelming confusion becomes the main focal point. Where my letdown is (and I think this is the reason I’m seeing very low scores among the users) is how basic and artificial the conversation between Alice and the…

  • Priscilla



    Score : 8.4/10 ✅

    A respectable deglamorized story of being associated with the King of Rock and Roll.

    There’s always this fantasy that everything is going according to plan when you are young and deeply in love. So many girls wouldn’t hesitate to swap your place with you to be with the ultimate sex symbol. A dream. A one-in-a-million chance of a lifetime. What was a craving pipe dream for many young girls was in reality the biggest gold mine…