A Star Is Born ★★★½

“is that me?” 
“that’s you”

more than anything, this film signifies the start of awards season for me. the massive hype around it, outcries that claim it’s a masterpiece. a part of me wishes i had a similar emotional reaction to it, but i didn’t feel too much of anything for the duration. the first half does give off an exciting aura (the concert scenes are captivating), but while we follow the passage of time in the film, i lost even more interest, and mostly in the characters, who felt slightly hollow. i found it hard to grow attached to them, even though the performances were maybe the strongest aspect of the film

the final act, however, loses me entirely. it’s the kind of ending you either love, or hate, or probably both. i felt nothing at all, except maybe a little contempt for it happening at all, a feeling aimed at the writing instead of the characters and their actions. it’s such an ill placed oscar bait ending to me that when my friends asked what i thought of the movie during the end credits, i wordlessly cast out an imaginary fishing pole

yet despite all my issues, lady gaga gives such a naturalistic performance, and the music isn’t bad at all. it has some truly thrilling moments and i had a good time, for a while at least. this might have left a bad taste in my mouth, but i don’t think it’s that bad of a film. and i’m glad people are feeling connected to it. sometimes that’s enough