Bohemian Rhapsody

best picture showcase: film #3

“don’t you see what you could be?”

the only allure here for me is that queen’s music is pretty good, and it also acts as the glue that haphazardly holds it all together. the first time i saw it i was charmed by the musical scenes (and also had no idea about the numerous controversies the film has surrounding it like a wasp hive), but over time i realized this has almost nothing else of value or substance to offer: the dialogue is cheap and fake, the plot is so poorly paced and the editing is incredibly embarrassing when focused in on. you can easily guess that members of queen had a part to play behind the scenes, because at times it comes off so trite that it’s a borderline parody. and it feels like a disservice to freddie in almost every way, many of the choices made leave a bad taste in my mouth

overall my personal opinion now has to be that the musical performances tricked the masses (perhaps including myself) into believing this was something special, when a closer look reveals it to be a huge mess in almost every way. it might have been some kind of passion project for some of the people involved, but the end result still feels like such a cheap grab at a few bucks and some awards season glory that it’s almost laughable, even if it once had potential. to each their own, but i can’t imagine choosing this as a movie to adore over so many others