Boy Erased

Boy Erased ★½

CIFF 2018: film #6

“whatever happens next, it is still your choice”

this felt like a horror movie. at first told with some interesting and even entertaining editing and music choices that keeps the pace flowing nicely, eventually that gimmick drops off and we’re left staring right at the dark subject matter. and there’s no looking away

this is the kind of movie i struggle with rating, because i can tell it was made with good intentions and everyone involved comes from a good place, but watching this felt too unnecessarily uncomfortable. that’s definitely the point, and i absolutely respect that it’s completely a true story adapted for the screen, but something about the way they handle this makes me feel uneasy. the only thing i can logically connect it to is something joel edgerton said at the q&a: that this movie was made more for the parents that strugge to accept their gay child than the actual child. he didn’t say it exactly like that, but i don’t like the intention there. i can’t really explain it in words right now, but if you see the movie for yourself, maybe you’ll understand

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