But I'm a Cheerleader

But I'm a Cheerleader ★★★★★

i’ve probably seen the original cut of this movie over a dozen times, and it’s only gotten better since the first time i stumbled upon it. but for perspective, this review is focused on the new director’s cut because (and i’m surprised to say) it kind of rules

the first thing i have to mention is the COLOR: it POPS! the original quality always felt a little lacking and never seemed to be in hd (no surprise considering the time it was made), so this remaster thankfully boasts not just overall quality and sharpness but a beautiful boost in saturation. the pinks and blues are more gorgeous than ever, as are the rest of the colors of the rainbow. i was almost distracted by it in the best way, it feels like the original vision finally coming to light

and about the director’s cut itself: there are numerous deleted scenes and even a few scene extensions. for the deleted scenes, jamie babbit said she was nervous that people would be bored if it was too long, so she cut scenes that she always loved (including but not limited to a guitar sing-a-long of megan’s “god is good, god is straight” cheer, and an informational video welcoming her to true directions. a part of me thinks that was zachary quinto’s voiceover during that bit?? i could be completely wrong!) and for the extended scenes, the director has spoken a lot before (namely in the documentary this film is not yet rated) about the mpaa initially (and unjustly) slapping an nc-17 rating on the film for a few shots in the sex scene, which i noticed here seems to be back in original form. a lot of various other scenes are extended and with all those small new pieces working together it just feels a lot more complete as a film

so with that i really recommend checking out this version, even if you’re seeing this movie for the first time. i’m a big fan of the original but this just made it even more enjoyable for me, which is something i didn’t see coming considering how minor the changes seem in scope. it’s definitely one of the only films that continues to grow on me with time, and this only helped with that

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