Cold War ★★★★

CIFF 2018: film #4

“i’ve been waiting for you”

a far more engrossing love story than i was expecting. the kind of sickening love between two people who often can’t stand to be together, but  can’t bare to live apart. there’s no real happy, no real answer to their problem. the fleeting excitement of reuniting time after time is the height of their long shared journey, and the rest is as much a mystery to us as it is to them

the final act wraps up kind of fast, but besides that, it’s an incredibly solid film. the song she sings and how it develops and changes like a theme song throughout the years really helps keep track of time: like an ever present ghost in the character’s lives, always looming a little too close. and by the time this thing ended, i realized how invested i was, and the credits felt like a punch in the gut

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