Columbus ★★★★★

"i'm also moved by it"
"yes! yes, tell me about that: what moves you?"
"i thought you hated architecture"
"i do. but i'm interested in what moves you"

passion is underrated. we do what we have to, we help those around us. we do what we have to to get by. every day can be a struggle when you're living a life you don't want to. even if you don't realize that it's not what you want

finding people that share your same passions is one of the most important kinds of relationships in life. what's even more, is finding someone that doesn't share your exact passion, but will listen to what you have to say. spill your guts: gush about what you love, at length and in great detail. what do you love? why do you love it? if someone will listen, if they want to listen, even if they can't relate or don't need to know, that's an important kind of bond

i was born and raised in a town like columbus. i still live here, even though i'd love to pull a lady bird and fly away on the next flight out to some far away city. it isn't such a bad place, it just isn't where i should be right now. the last year i've grown more than i have in my life, in more ways than one. and the biggest thing i've been contemplating recently is the desire to follow what i'm passionate about. and it isn't just a place, it's people. people who share the same passion i do, people who will listen. in my case, it's film. i work at a movie theater and i discuss films all day long, with coworkers and customers, but it always feels off. like we're not on the save wavelength. that doesn't make our relationships and friendships lesser or not worthy. it just isn't the same as being around people who feel what i feel

going out into the great unknown to discover more about what you love is one of the scariest things you could do. leaving loved ones behind is one of the most heartbreaking things to even consider doing. this movie makes me cry, because the ending is a personal kind of dream of mine, and the tenderness of it is overwhelming

kogonada captures a feeling with this piece of film that is completely unique. passion, understanding, calm. this is a really special movie, but not just because of the cinematography or performances. it's special to me because it touched me. feeling that way is one of the most important feelings when watching any movie, and how you feel shapes your entire opinion of it. this truly ended up being my special movie of the year. i hope you all have one too

thanks for letting me spill my guts about what i'm passionate about. i appreciate you listening. now i'm gonna go edit this movie into my 2017 in film video, which should be up within the week. i can't wait to show you all what i've been passionate about this year

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