His Favorite Person

“my rubber band just broke”
“are you gonna be ok?”
“it’s just a rubber band”

simplistic and so effective. this is hands down the most proud i’ve ever been of your work, jacob. this feels like something bigger than it’s parts. the writing is solid, the storytelling is your best yet. jacob ward gives a great performance, i’m still so impressed. i absolutely loved the score, and the coloring came out so gorgeous. everything comes together and it feels really special

caring about someone is such a risk, and yet we do it every day. to let someone know you, to almost give them a part of you just to get to know them. to care so much it hurts, it tears you up. to feel physically ill. that part of you was entrusted to someone else and now it’s being crushed into dust. it’s the kind of experience we almost all have throughout our lives, and it was cathartic for me to see it shown here

jacob, i know this was a personal one for you. but i just want you to know, it paid off: this is definitely the best film you’ve ever put together. everyone involved should be proud, it’s an accomplishment in my eyes. and thank you for involving me, it means a lot to me every time i can help you with your projects even in the slightest. and thank you for the title card. advising editor has a really nice ring to it, and you know it means a lot to me. i’m really proud of you and i can’t wait to come back to LA so we can waste a whole day driving around the city in your prius listening to lorde

if anyone would like to check out jacob’s gem, you can watch it here ✨