i think the most surreal part about logging this on letterboxd is how i got to see the process happen in glimpses. i got texted a draft of the script by jacob a few months ago (which i forgot to read right away 😬), and got sent snapchats before filming, of bags of sugar and purposely burnt cakes. and in the middle of all that, i found myself in LA for a weekend, driving around with jacob himself, laughing and talking non stop

this short is creative and genuine, just like all of jacob's previous films and like jacob himself. i've always been so impressed with how he throws these together, even though i know how much care he puts into every project. being his friend the past few years has been a joy, and i jump at the chance to show support, be involved in or help with his films in any way that i can. i have no doubt that they will continuously get better and i can't wait to see what else he has in store. thanks for another shout out in the credits, jacob!!! 💕 (and the last shot in this film is maybe my favorite thing you've filmed yet)