The Girl in the Spider's Web ★★★

“every day you chose not to save me”

a bold statement: i think this has worth. i’m just as surprised as you might be, but when the initial annoyance wore off, i found myself caught up in what it has to offer. the david fincher version is one of my all time favorite films, so naturally it was really hard to adjust to this at first, but then i realized something: i can separate the two and see this for what it is

it was a weird decision to even go through with making this, the change is overly apparent in every frame and every brick is torn apart and rebuilt into a more standard americanized thriller rather than the chilly slow burn mystery fincher previously laid down. that one is arguably a masterpiece, but once the two are separated, this is quite a decent watch. watered down is the term i feel the most here, but fede alvarez is still a strong director all on his own. his previous two films feel stronger in style, but this is still slick and thrilling. and at it’s weakest moments, i was still entertained

compared to fincher’s film, this could very well be a slight embarrassment, but compared to many average thrillers that are churned out these days? it’s surprisingly enjoyable. imagine if they had adapted the first novel for a third time and ruined it all the more. instead this is kind of its own animal. and i like that