Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

best picture showcase: film #3

this is such an ugly movie. it tries to show it’s heart at times, but it’s still as cold as ice. the characters and what they go through have no meaning and no emotional impact on me at all, except disgust or boredom. the script is frustrating and sloppy and often times offensive even when it tries to be the opposite. only a few jokes really land, the rest feel forced, as does everything else

the main cast does their best, but only frances really shines through the mucky aura this whole thing gives off. sam rockwell has deserved attention for a long time, but not for this performance, not for this character. the whole film is drenched in a strange sadness and it leaves a bad taste behind, from the depressing plot to the painfully boring score. my previous higher ratings are because i desperately wanted to enjoy this, and the first time i saw it i really tried to, but you can’t force what isn’t there. this shouldn’t even be nominated for awards apart from frances

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