Upgrade ★★★

a little cheesy sometimes, but i did really get a kick out of this. the camerawork in the action scenes alone make it worthwhile. i do have something to say however, and i don’t know where else to put these thoughts, so it’s gonna have to be here: 

hollywood and the media in general has such an obsession with stories about disabled people becoming able bodied again. through science or even a miracle, rarely are physically disabled characters given spotlight unless for this specific reason. often shown as able bodied first, and then tragedy strikes, and someone who was once whole and full of life because of their body is now broken, worthless and almost always suicidal. it’s ok to show this happening if done right because it’s something that happens every day. things happen and able bodied people become disabled people in the blink of an eye and have to adjust to a strange new life. the mistake in the way our media portrays it is that the disability is seen as something that can (and should) be fixed. the only time we usually see it embraced is often called “inspiration porn” and is meant to uplift able bodied audiences, because “if this disabled character can be happy with their life in their broken body, maybe i don’t have it so bad after all” but the one i’m focusing on here is the first kind, that shows the newly disabled character as so unhappy, their life so meaningless now that they have this disability, that a magic fix arrives just in time to make them able bodied again. being able bodied = happiness and fulfillment. being disabled = misery with no reason to live. a movie like this often uses this trope as a means to tell a story, but it’s a dangerous message to be putting out into the world again and again. every person with a disability has their own personal outlook on life and how they overcome and adapt to a world that wasn’t built for them, and we have to do this every day: overcome, adapt, live. thrive. to show things like depression and suicide as only being cured by becoming magically able bodied again is incredibly harmful to disabled and able bodied audiences alike. we need to do better. disabled people can’t continue to be used as pawns in stories like this. enough is enough

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