Room ★★★★½

A near perfect film. This was the first half of a double feature tonight (2nd half was Spotlight). I went in to this knowing really nothing. I had not seen the trailer and I knew nothing of the book. The only thing I read was a real brief synopsis about 2 or 3 sentences long. The only thing I had heard was Brie Larson was supposed to be fantastic in it. Now having loved her in Short Term 12 from a couple of years ago I had high hopes. I was not disappointed Brie Larson is quickly becoming one of my favorite young actresses in Hollywood right now. Her performance is amazing I don't think there was a single scene where I did not believe her character. It was simply outstanding and hopefully she will be rewarded come award season. The other outstanding performance goes to the other lead Jacob Tremblay. At 8 years old he was fantastic. For a kid at this age (8 when the film was made) to come up with so many different emotions was truly fantastic. I came out of the movie truly excited almost like I did last year after watching Whiplash for the first time (which was my favorite film of 2014) I loved it that much. I know it won't win the big award (picture, director etc..) but I hope the academy does recognize Brie and a nomination for picture would be nice. I will say as of right now this is my favorite movie of 2015 so far. 9/10.

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