The Piano Teacher

The Piano Teacher ★★★★★

Masterpiece. After a long time, I was fortunate enough to watch a film of this stature. Isabelle Huppert gives one of the best acting performances in screen ever.

Both the teacher and her student are complex characters, and probably looking for ways to fulfill their lives. The teacher had led a lonely life, subjugated by her dominating mother. For a long time she has repressed her desires.

The film clearly shows what happens when we reveal our hidden fantasies to someone supposedly faithful; they may react adversely. Also we get to know what harm can loneliness, repression can do to a person. Another interesting aspect was the power dynamics - initially the student was virtually "begging", later the table turned like anything.

The ending is highly justified, and will make you ponder for days. This film is one of the best in realism genre, with the act of the teacher becoming jealous and harming a female student absolutely chilling.