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  • 1985



    There are few surprises in Yen Tan’s modestly poignant 1985, a film that follows a man’s return to his conservative Texas hometown. Though what slowly emerges out of this moving black-and-white familial drama is an empathetic framing of small, lovely moments of connection against the swallowing inevitability felt at the height of the AIDS epidemic.

  • Chocolat



    my first denis. finally. (can't wait to watch more).

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  • Captain Marvel

    Captain Marvel


    honestly can't believe how this has become the epitome of marvel's laziness and absolute zero effort filmmaking: there's little surprises in storytelling, the action sequences feel like they're cut on autopilot, oscar-winning™ brie larson is ~just fine~, and the wink-wink-nods-nods at female stereotypes/male condescension ("you should smile more!!" "don't be emotional!!") are mere throwaway one liners to collect kudos. it's a shame that this one had to be the one with all the "firsts", but i wish they focused on the ~human~ aspect of captain marvel, over her glowy superpowers that really just become silly and inane.

  • Short Term 12

    Short Term 12


    "Put a label on my head so you know what its like/
    to live a life not knowing what a normal life's like."

    A modest film, yet Short Term 12 is charming, funny, heartfelt and poignant at the same time - packing the incredible performance of Brie Larson to create one of my favourite films of the year. There is just a big, fat heart that this film encompasses, and the well-developed characters and naturalism to the plot assists in…