King Kong

King Kong ★★★★½

This movie is the real eight wonder of the world.
This must’ve been one hell of an experience to see this in 1933.
The special effects / stop motion are awe-inspiring and are incredibly impressive, this whole film feels way ahead of its time. The fight scenes are also such a spectacle to behold. The scene with Kong and the T-Rex had my 100% attention and nothing else mattered in the world. I personally could’ve done without some of the close-ups of Kong’s face though ...
And the story was just amazing. I feel like everyone knows the story of King Kong but I was glued to the screen the entire time and wanted more once it ended.  It’s captivating all the way through and still an amazing watch even to this day.

There are also some points of obvious sexism / racism but I think you kind of have to excuse that for the time period this was made in.

EDIT: screw it four and a half stars it is.

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