The Green Knight

The Green Knight ★★★★½

“ I’m not ready “

I don’t remember the last time I left a theatre just speechless.

The Green Knight is a very confusing yet mystical adventure of a film. It’s both visually stunning and extremely thought provoking making for a wonderous watch experience.
I mean: cinematography, costume design, sound design, storytelling, score, acting, dialogue - it’s all here in rich abundance.

You will leave the film with questions, and it will definitely leave you wanting to rewatch right away. (which I actually plan on doing very soon)

It’s very hard to talk about this film (specifically it’s weird structure) without spoiling the film, but just know this is very unique and best to watch not knowing anything about this film. I watched the first teaser trailer that came out a year ago and that’s all I knew about this film and man this film took me on a hell of a trip.

This is hands down film of the year worthy and I wouldn’t be surprised if this won multiple awards come Oscars season.

“ I’m ready. “

Recommendation: This is a much watch for 2021. Go in blind for the best experience - you’re in for a weird but amazing ride. Go see this NOW.

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