Moonlight ★★★★★

It took me an hour and a half to get to the only theater that played this movie (literally another country) and turns out my grandma wanted to go with me, but she said I shouldn't worry about her and that she would fall asleep. She didn't.

The thing about my grandma is that for as long as I can remember she said the usual things old generations tend to say about gay people, because that's simply how they were raised (I think Latin people have a similar mentality to black people in regards to these issues; we don't have this kind of films either, and homophobic slurs are a common thing). That stopped when someone really close died from AIDS, so yeah, I was quite nervous about her watching this movie, this is the third time we go to the theater together in 18 years and she doesn't even like it, she sometimes thinks I'm wasting my time studying this, etc.

Additionally, this is my connection to that close person I mentioned, who never said a single thing because you simply can't be gay in our family. Yet, my grandma walked out saying "That was good... right?" So, imagine how GOOD this actually is, and how happy I felt.

There are many words I can't express yet, but I know this was groundbreaking for me, it's such a universal thing that many go through and I wish the whole world could see it, not only as a beautiful or well-done film but keeping in mind the power it has and how much it can mean to someone.

Every single shot is gorgeous, the colors in this movie were absolutely perfect, the contrast between them, the lights, the skins, the place, and the way everything complemented each other. The music was one of those soundtracks you keep listening for days. You feel you're right beside them. (Also, imagine watching it at a cinema located in the city's lgbt+ community, knowing not a single person will utter a negative word)

I wish I could be the one to make these films for my people, but that sounds like something distant and everyone needs to see themselves on the big screen as soon as possible.

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