King Kong

King Kong ★★★

A New York filmmaker brings down-on-her-luck Ann with him on a journey to the uncharted Skull Island to star in his new exotic wildlife project. When the native people kidnap Ann to offer her to Kong, the mythical giant ape creature that tyrannises the island, the ship crew must venture into the prehistoric jungle to save her.

King Kong may not offer much of a moral lesson besides advocating to leave alone those few places still untouched by modern society, or it must be in its closing statement about how "it wasn't the airplanes, it was beauty killed the beast", but it's an excellent showcase of the crème de la crème in terms of special effects of the time. Stop-motion animation, scale models, rear projection, etc. It's all in here, and still great (in retrospect).

The action sequences between Kong and the human actors, or between Kong and the various other monsters especially are things to behold. As someone who'd only seen the 2005 remake by Peter Jackson before, it's cool to see just how much of a one-to-one remake the fight between Kong and the tyrannosaur is. To think Jackson withheld both a brawl between the king and a giant anaconda, and between the king and a giant pterodactyl! I was also surprised to learn Ann never develops affection towards Kong in the original, funny how those remakes and reboots (re)shape one's perception.

Part of the September & October 2021 Hooptober 8.0 challenge; 18th out of 31 films.

6 countries [USA] (6/6)
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