Mulholland Drive ★★★★★

Mulholland Drive?

My first David Lynch experience, from what I can tell he’s experimental, symbolic, bold, ambitious and arty

Prestigious camera work, really liked the use of closeups and establishment shots, the crane shots were superb, the transitions were great and Naomi Watts performance that audition scene wow I had seen it before and it still surprises. The score was quite powerful, I liked the themes its take on career failure, loss of innocence. The pacing is pretty damn good this did not feel like 146 minutes, my only small issue is I called the twist, it became quite obvious as soon as this became an amnesia story, there is a lot of foreshadowing smartly placed, location, certain characters, certain lines of dialogue, the phone and even the first minute of the film is a major hint. I started this before midnight so I was able to keep up and not feel tired, anyways I expected to be way more blown away with the story- it’s still a great story, maybe I’ve seen too many films, maybe people hyped this up i’m not sure but I can definitely see the why on the praise for this film. The foreshadowing for sure is genius. It’s full of illusion, weirdness, unsettling and psychotic which I love, it experiments and deals with a lot, I loved how its a toxic dream place of Hollywood that’s what I took away from it, I will definitely rewatch this a bunch, theres a lot to unpack, is this cinema? I think it is

Fun fact: Originally made for a tv pilot

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