All the Haunts Be Ours: A Compendium of Folk Horror

Films included in the upcoming Severin Films boxset:

List is missing:
Satan Exultant (1917, 20 mins)
The Portrait (1915, 8 mins)
White Spot In The Back Of The Head (1979)
The Rabbit In Australia (1979)

Missing film descriptions:
White Spot In The Back Of The Head
(Viðar Víkingsson, 1979) (33 mins)
This early student film from the director of TILBURY transposes the ghostly Icelandic legend of The Deacon of Dark River to 1970s France.

The Rabbit In Australia
(1979) (24 mins)
This short documentary produced by Australia’s national science agency CSIRO in 1979 traces the introduction of the European rabbit to Australia and subsequent attempts to control its population, which includes the rabbit cull of the 1950s that serves as the backdrop for Ann Turner’s CELIA.

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