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  • Kwaidan



    Colours whirling in a glass full water. Eyes in the sky, surrounded by wild brush strokes. The snow is falling silently, but never stops. The sound of a foreign, far away instrument. A broken promise. A cup of tea that attracts attention. A never ending love, and a night to remember. The feeling of unease, of shiver, of eerie. The moment you lose yourself and awake in an archaic japanese world. Surrounded by the inexplicable.
    A three hour long poem.…

  • Fallen Angels

    Fallen Angels


    "They say that love can change a man. I start to find myself looking better and more charming, and suddenly I discover that I'm turning blonde."

    Sunday Movie Club Movie Nr. 8
    Fallen Angels chosen by Lucan

    So Lucan forces me now to watch a movie I did cultivate in my Pile of Shame for over one and a half years. A movie I was already sure I would like, a movie I was afraid to watch because there is…

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  • Evil Dead

    Evil Dead


    Exactly the right movie if you're in the mood for some raining blood.

  • Robert



    Does not deserve a proper review ..

    Every aspect is bad, not "so bad that it's good" bad, just bad.

    Why did I watched it?
    Because of the never ending quest to see all horror movies out there.

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  • Burning



    Well, fuck. I did expect something good, but that was way beyond that.

    Where do I even start? Over two hours long and it is a real slow burner (pun intended).Even I was skeptical at the start. I didn't know nothing about the film beforehand, so I was asking myself after some time when will the movie starts to get going. Without realizing how Lee Chang-dong built his world and his characters with nearly perfection already from the beginning. The…

  • The Favourite

    The Favourite


    I couldn't wait to finally see this movie today, and thank fucking god, Yorgos Lanthimos didn't disappoint me here.

    This movie made me laugh a lot. And I need to point that out especially, because it's tremendously hard to make me laugh. The only ways are fart jokes, and extremely dark humor. Thank god the movie choosed the second option. If you drop words like fuck or cunt in that amount, I can't resist to love it.

    The movie looks…