Lake Mungo

Lake Mungo ★★½

Hooptober Se7en
Movie Nr: 5 / 38
6 countries
- 5. Australia

I don't know. it wasn't bad, but something was missing,

I like watching documentaries, and so the whole concept of fake documentary style worked for me. I enjoy watching stuff like that. It feels too long towards the end and I couldn't really find the importance in every twist of the story, but it was enough to keep me entertained most of the time.

The big downside is that it isn't even remotely scary to watch it that way. Not that some jump scare shit would have been any better.

The movie works better in the drama section about losing someone close to you. Instead of the creepy "Look, there's a ghost" part.

But something I have to give them some praise for, is the great job of making this documentary look as real as possible. At no point do you believe that you are watching a movie. The acting, the camerawork and the entire presentation works perfectly.

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