The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 ★★

Hooptober Se7en
Movie Nr: 15 / 38
7 2nd films of franchises
Nr. 3

I'm a little bit sad. I see why a lot of people like this one. I'm not angry that Tobe Hooper decided to go into a completely different direction with the second movie. This movie doesn't ruin the first one for me, or something.
No. I'm just sad that the whole comedy aspect of the movie didn't worked for me. I would have liked another horror comedy I like in my catalog for a few rewatches with friends.

But I find it is too long and the pacing was tedious. There is never any real tension. I like Bill Moseley in other roles, but here he just annoys me constantly. The film is generally rather annoying and exhausting.

I like the gore. I think it's fantastic, it is bloody and gruesome. And there are some scenes I really enjoyed.
And I loved Dennis Hopper. He is great, as always.