Your Name. ★★★★½

What starts out as a typical body swap comedy / romance is evolving into something beautiful.
Something that gave me goosebumps.
Something that makes me speechless.
Something that feels special in so many ways.
And this is all I have to say about the movie .. just see it yourself.

It's really rare that I've heard so much good from so many people about a movie, and those expectations are even exceeded.
I don't watch a lot of current animated movies. And I disslike a lot of them. This is mainly due to the disappearance of drawn films and the strengthening of CG animated films. And of course the story, which is mainly focused towards kids.

I like animated movie .. I love great animated movies, with great storys and characters. This is one of those.
And I don't want to start again, how asian cinema is so much better than western, but .. if I'm not mistaken than I have 7 animes and only 1 animated movie from the west in my top 100. That should say enough about how I see the current situation in animated films.


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