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  • A-Girl


    LOVE these ovas that are just glorified little music videos. some really horrible boyfriends on display here which makes me wonder if they're any better in the manga...? visual storytelling is top notch though, even if I couldn't read every interstitial fast enough bc my jpn reading isnt quite there yet it was still very coherent

  • La La Land

    La La Land

    watched this wanting to see a musical I havent seen... and it was hardly one!

    I knew about the thread of irony, especially in the ending, but I sensed that throughout the WHOLE thing. Starting the movie with such a great ensemble number, only to have songs every blue moon does not a musical make. Its just a movie where they sing and dance sometimes. The musical flourishes were taunting me with promises of solos that never came. And I…

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  • Knives Out

    Knives Out

    my parents were abt to take my little sister to spies in disguise instead of this but we insisted this would pretty much be a long episode of detective conan (which they do let her watch) so we ended up watching it all together :-] she was watching very intently and all she said at the end of the movie was "I learned a lot from that" ... I wonder what she means by it

  • The Snow Queen

    The Snow Queen

    What annoys me the most about the Frozen hype is how it's touted as The Feminist Disney Princess Movie when 1. there are definitely other Disney Princess movies with strong, independent female protagonists made prior to Frozen and 2. there shouldn't have been any issue with the feminist-ness of the original story, and it even ends happily. Gerda, the little girl, saving her friend Kai, the little boy, from succumbing to anger and hatred could easily be made into commentary…