The Witchmaker

The Witchmaker ★★★½

There may be an excessive amount of talking and not a whole lot of action, but I was really into this one. Actually, of all the problems I have with this movie, the biggest would be the cinematography. Specifically, the movie has an utter lack of close-up shots. Many scenes are just a couple shots, mostly stationary and almost always wide. It’s boring and unimaginative, but I suspect it’s the product of either a low budget or short shooting schedule or both. Still, looking past this, The Witchmaker has some great atmosphere and plenty of witchcraft. The foggy swamp and eerie music work wonders here. The movie desperately wants to have some nudity too, but we haven’t crossed over into the 70’s yet, so it’s kept offscreen. 

This could make an interesting double feature with City of the Dead, since both films take place around Candlemas Eve.

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