Pihu ★★½

You wouldn’t want to watch ‘Pihu’ twice. No one in the right frame of mind would. Not because it’s a poorly made film. But the borderline sadistic approach and the exploitative treatment of the dangerous ordeal a helpless, stranded child is stuck in makes ‘Pihu’ almost hard-to-sit-through. The 2 year old cutie pie Myra has definitely outdone her part with a surprisingly credible performance, and at one or two points left me wondering how come a two year old perform with so much veracity without being aware of the actual situation or backdrop being shot, because her reactions seemed so real! And that’s the only reason I’m not going too hard on this otherwise barely endurable survival (though technically the film deviates from this for the sake of cheap thrills) thriller. I’d pick Vikramaditya Motwane’s Trapped (2016) any day over this given an option.