Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart ★★★★½

"This whole world's wild at heart, and we're on top."

Wild indeed.

The introductory portions of Wild at Heart feel a bit tonally inappropriate. Afterward, though, the film takes off and hits its stride; a perfectly-blended Lynchian mix of disturbing realities and melodramatic fantasy. An absurdist approach to the American South is bound to be a good bit of entertainment, and when placed in the greater context of the surrealist world of David Lynch, the setting becomes a treasure. Flawlessly fitting within it are the marvelous cast: Cage and Dafoe in particular prove to "click" with Lynchian nuance perfectly, Laura Dern is always a revelation, and Diane Ladd and the always-great Harry Dean Stanton hold their own in fantastic supporting work. They animate the characters without once losing energy, in a film that is funny, audacious, and tragic. Surely an essential staple to David Lynch's filmography, as one of the most unique films from one of the most unique filmmakers ever.

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