Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart ★★★★½

A movie that has it all. Nic Cage singing Elvis. Laura Dern saying she’s hot as Georgia asphalt. Diane Ladd covering herself in lipstick. Harry Dean Stanton making random dog sounds. Willem Dafoe with a pencil mustache and horrible teeth and vile everything. Nic Cage wearing a snakeskin jacket. Isabella Rossellini in a yellow wig. Laura Dern wearing a candy necklace given to her by Nic Cage as a romantic gesture. Nic Cage smoking two cigarettes at once. Nic Cage running on top of cars sitting in traffic. Half the cast of Twin Peaks showing up for one-scene cameos. The Wicked Witch. The Good Witch. Convertibles. Long desert roads. A heist gone wrong. The funniest death scene of all-time. An extended “Wicked Game” needle drop. It just has it all. 

This is a tremendously sad movie. So perfectly David Lynch because it’s so weird and so fucked-up but also so earnest in its cheesy hope for something better than our hopeless, hellish world. Don’t turn away from love. 

This is just a thing we don’t appreciate enough. Thank you David Lynch. Happy 75th birthday, legend.

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