Your Name. ★★★★

After a first act plagued by cheesy needle drops and astrology cliches, Your Name soon transcends into something far more creative and innovative as it develops beyond its initial concept into something complex and truly original. The animation at times was bothersome in how overly-pronounced certain features are to the point that it makes it look too artificial, but at the same time this film is able to achieve a certain control of color palette and visual motifs that turn this into a truly staggering movie. The manipulations of time and space that the film delves into in its second half were not at all expected but more than welcomed; this movie not only has a lot of fun with its off-the-walls conceptual ideas, but it twists them into a perplexing, emotionally stirring narrative. The central relationship could have used a bit more development in the early-going, but in the end there's enough nuance and connectivity there to make it truly work.

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