Stop Making Sense

Stop Making Sense ★★★★★

Whoa! What a show! Stop Making Sense is excellent! A non-stop joy ride built up, paced, and delivered superbly. The performances are insanely energetic. The songs' live renditions feel fresh while still sounding great. Technicals by the stage and film crews are on point. Everyone is having a good time and so are you! One easily gets a sense of how truly dynamic and innovative this band was. I love Talking Heads' music so I admit I'm being partial here. But I'll be damned if this ain't one of the greatest concerts I've seen committed to film!

Post-script: How fitting that I watch a musical with an authentically autistic frontman to serve as the antidote to the last film I watched. Home is where I want to be / pick me up and turn me around...

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