Tenet ★★★★

First Impression (because I sure will be watching it again)

TENET is one ambitious blockbuster. Not Christopher Nolan's best work (MEMENTO) or even my favorite (INTERSTELLAR). But it is still a grand film with his signature touches. He delivers the usual: Great craftsmanship, mindblowing visuals, intense action, multiple locations, and a complex narrative. This time, he has the audacity (and courage) to crank everything up to 11 and risk it all. Like it or not, it makes for some glorious filmmaking. The story itself is simpler than you think... or maybe not.

John David Washington plays a sharp protagonist, exuding cool resolve and effortlessly carrying the film. Robert Pattinson slyly steals the show with his charisma and intellect. The rest of the cast does solid work in their roles, underused as some of them may be. I enjoy seeing a good spy movie play out its endgame so this was right up my alley. I personally didn't have a problem with the sound but I know some people will. It's REALLY LOUD though. While it's more interested in showing off its mechanics than making movie magic, it's not nearly as cold and dry as it comes off as at first. That being said, it throws a lot of information at you and expects you to keep up without a sweat. Depending on the person, the ride is either thrilling or exhausting. When the film hits its stride, the experience is immensely rewarding. Whizzes by pretty fast for 2 and a half hours too.

TENET opens the doors to some neat possibilities in cinema, not unlike what INCEPTION did 10 years ago. As ever, it warrants multiple viewings. Definitely see this on the big screen! All I can say without spoilers.

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