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  • Scare Me

    Scare Me


    No, it did not.

    That’s not  to say it’s a bad movie - it’s just not much of a horror film. Leans much harder into the comedy aspects than anything scary. And even when it does tiptoe into horror, it’s primarily playing with tropes. Writer / director / actor Josh Ruben and Aya Cash are both really good in the movie, and their performances practically carry the entire film. Chris Redd’s turn as the pizza man is a funny high point.

    Go in expecting this horror comedy to focus much more on the comedy side of the equation and you’ll likely have a good time.

  • The Old Ways

    The Old Ways


    From my review for Modern Horrors.

    “The old ways die with her. We have no more moves left…”

    In the tropical forests of Veracruz, Mexico, there is a place that blends natural beauty with unnatural and ageless evil. That place is known as La Boca, a cave that leads deep underground. Reporter Cristina Lopez (Brigitte Kali Canales, Baby Driver, Fear the Walking Dead) was born in Veracruz, but left when she was a young girl after witnessing something traumatic and…

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  • Host



    Y A W N

    I know we’re all hungry for new movies these days, but I don’t understand the positive hype I’ve been hearing about this movie.

    It’s the mixtape version of Blair Witch Project, Paranormal Activity, and Unfriended. The only “new” things it brings to the table are Zoom and disposable face masks. 

    If you’re bored as hell and feel like burning 56 minutes, you can probably do worse - but this movie is nothing more than a time deleter.

  • Ready or Not

    Ready or Not


    Ready or Not is damn near a perfect popcorn movie. Now, it's not a perfect movie - but it's a perfect way to spend an afternoon or evening in a dark theater. It doesn't take itself too seriously, but it's a huge amount of fun. Cults, devils, gore, and games. What's not to like? It's got the spirit of a 70s B-movie but the gloss of a moderately-budgeted modern studio film. The guys who produced and directed it also directed…