Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★★

Jojo Rabbit does an amazing job exploring the allure and power that Fascism has over people. It gives you strength, confidence, and will. It rips away fear, weakness, and conscience. And most importantly: Fascism is just straight up fun. You get a uniform, a club, a slogan, and automatic friends and community. It also gives you an enemy, someone to fight alongside your friends. It plays into the most childish of notions, Us Vs. Them.

Waititi may miss the mark just a little bit, but not since Mel Brooks, has a filmmaker so successfully lampooned Fascism and Nazis. He reveals it for the silly and childish thing that it is, and also points out its unsustainability. Taika may not have gotten as political as I would have liked, but this film has reminded me of what gives me strength. And what truly separates us all from the Fascists. It's something that they will never have or understand:


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