Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers ★★★½

I'm still a little undecided about this so my rating might change when I have some more time to think about it, but as of right now, I like this film.

The biggest problem is how it was marketed. To be completely blatant, I thought this looked like shit when the trailers first started popping up; it looked like nothing more than an exploitation of pretty girls. And I think that is why a lot of reviewers are giving such lukewarm scores. You get what you're expecting to get so try and keep an open mind if you go to see this.

The best thing about this film is how the music is used. I wouldn't normally listen to all of the music used, but it works so well in the context of the film. Every song fits so perfectly with its particular portion of the film and creates emotion where else wise there would be none.

Like I said, I am still not entirely sure how I feel about this film. Thankfully, however, it is more than it appears. It has some less than great moments (Spriiiinnnggg Breaaakkk foevaaaaa), but it does have a lot to be appreciated, if you know where to look.

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