Master ★★★½

Loki movies Binge #3
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Master is the weakest of his movies but there's more characterization given for Vijay like never before, the character JD is written with so much tiny details and similarly Bhavani mirroring him contrastingly. JD is like those "literally me" characters like Ryan Gosling from Blade Runner 2049, Drive - a person with tragic backstory yet maintaining the cool, aesthetic factor.

The 3 hours runtime could be trimmed in some places to make a better movie. Anirudh BGM and songs are top notch, everyday workout music in my playlist. JD is one of the best characters Vijay has played, up there with Kosaksi Pasapugazh. This is also the only mass commerical movie where the fight makes sense because of the one punch man effect.

Ostrich Egg.

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