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Really violent, really engaging, really disgusting. Seriously, there's some parts in that last section that definitely had my jaw dropped. Non-linear story about families that intersect through violent pasts, cannibalism, KFC, and the culmination of a violent revenge.
Awesome how this unfolds in layers. It definitely delivers on gore and nastiness, but it's also interesting to try and figure out as it all unravels piece by piece. Great movie. Would recommend if you can track it down!





I love that the director put up a title slate at the beginning of the film that said this isn't based on events in the past or present, and these events will never happen in the future. So chill.

A great nihilistic, violent gorefest that feels like a mixture of art film, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and those Two Days in the Valley type puzzle films that were around so much in the nineties.

Right off the bat we are…




KFC is a film that simply shouldn’t exist and the fact that it does is pretty amazing. I was lured into watching the seventy minute oddity thanks the warning on the NYAFF website that simply said “WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK!” With some of the stranger films that tend to get programmed at the festival and seeing that warning on a description was effectively a giant neon sign pointed directly at me shouting, “YOU NEED TO SEE THIS!”

I wasn’t…

He was an astrophysicist who dreamed of sending the first Lebanese man into space. She was a Swiss artist who moved to Beirut to work as a nanny. For this seemingly unusual pair, it was love at first sight, but even the most idyllic romance struggles to withstand the hardships of war.

Director and cowriter Chloé Mazlo (along with cowriter Yacine Badday) draws on her grandmother’s memories of living through the Lebanese Civil War to weave a story of the…


Skies of Lebanon (Sous le ciel d'Alice)

NR - 4.5 out of 5 stars

Genre: Documentary

Year Released: 2022

Runtime: 1h 32m

Director(s): Chloé Mazlo

Writer(s): Chloé Mazlo, Yacine Badday

Cast: Alba Rohrwacher, Wajdi Mouawad, Joseph Kamar

Where To Watch: opens at New York City's IFC Center on July 22nd, Santa Monica's Laemmle Theaters Monica on July 29th, and will have additional theatrical rollout following these launches.

Someone had mentioned that this is almost a spiritual successor to…

Air Doll. 2009. Directed by Hirokazu Koreeda.

Bae Doona is one of my favorite actresses that I was introduced to in Sense8 (2015 to 2018). I felt an immediate connection to her kick ass acting style. In Air Doll (2009), Koreeda delivers a somewhat feminist arch in his fairy tale of a sex doll (Bae Doona) coming to life and falling in love with a video store clerk. This premise may sound shallow but the depth of life that Koreeda…

Day 9: Detention

OMG! This was brilliant. I am not a gamer so never heard of this Taiwanese game and had no idea video games could be this political in nature. This film uses the tropes of horror in a way similar to Jordan Peele to deliver a gut punch of social/political commentary.

Here's the backdrop to the story that's helpful if you are not familiar with Taiwanese history or politics. The particular chapter in history is not often covered…

“what Mariam Ghani does is give these movies life outside of the archive they were eventually found in, gives them a different narrative, and finishes them"