Ready or Not

Ready or Not ★★★½

Things I fucked with:

The help: I’m a sucker for a running gag. 

Samara Weaving: Carries the film and has fine range. Hope she blows up soon. 

Surprising level of gore: Impalements! Beheadings! Blood! Savage beatings!

Glorious ending: No spoilers but oh my lord the finale ties the film together in wonderful fashion. 

Ensemble cast: From faces I knew to those I didn’t the entire Le Domas clan are cast perfectly - especially Aunt Helene. 

Escalating pace: Aside from a slight hiccup in act two the film is constantly building to the glorious finale, the film just gets better as it goes on. 

Justifies the concept: They actually sell this ridiculous premise to you in a somewhat acceptable way without bogging the film’s pacing down with too much exposition. 

Things I did not fuck with:

Repetitive: Maybe it’s just the nature of this kind of film but act 2 was pretty much the same scene a dozen times in a row. 

Bland character development: Not much growth for our heroine aside from the blatant surface level stuff we get at the end. 

Underdeveloped supporting roles: The family work due to their caricature nature but when the film throws hefty change of hearts at a few of them it feels like a sharp turn that could have used more to be believable.