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  • Town Without Sea

    Town Without Sea


    Really good debut by Ikeda and a really lovely performance by Kura Yuki, he has a very expressive face and makes the character very relatable. Not that he wouldn't be relatable to me anyway, tbh.

    There are many kinds of happiness in the world, you just have to find your own, maybe it's closer than you think, maybe it's the journey, maybe you forgot what it was for a while and you are now rediscovering it, maybe it's a happiness you think you want or maybe it's simply the beauty of a blue bird. Give it time, be gentle, remember your friends.

  • We Made a Beautiful Bouquet

    We Made a Beautiful Bouquet


    You know society has really worn you down when you fall asleep during a Kaurismäki film.

    There is this scene in the jdrama Higuma where the main character starts crying while saying, "I am so happy." directly followed by "I am sad." and when asked why, it's simply because "This happy moment will end." I feel that jdramas and films really get that, that happiness is bittersweet because it can't last forever but that is also what makes it worth…

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  • No One Will Save You

    No One Will Save You


    Alien amongst aliens.

    Didn't really work for me but I appreciate the fact the creators didn't shy away from making some bold choices and it is intriguing, at least during the first half. Hope it works more for others.

  • Bottoms


    "Is porn even real?"

    Asking the real questions.

    Everyone in this seemed to be having lots of fun and that is always a delight.

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  • Aloners



    My God, I'm so lonely
    So I open the window
    To hear sounds of people
    To hear sounds of people

    So I open the TV and my phone to hear the sounds of people. Also, to prevent a single thought from occurring.

    Hearing the connection sound eternally but not connecting, longing for the past... Till the connection finally goes through, till the past lets go. I saw a ghost yesterday and that ghost was me and it was also everyone I never met.

    Show some sympathy, give it a try, turn off the TV, open your heart.

  • Forgotten



    It's like someone had an idea and then they had another 20 ideas and they thought, let's just throw them all together and it may work. Well, it doesn't but i was curious to see just how complicated this could get which i guess is a win? Sort of, lol.

    I get that it's all been done before but just trying to surprise and engage the viewer by adding more and more twists is rarely successful.

    The ending/final reveal is…