The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden ★★★½

In typical Yaguchi fashion, chasing your dreams leads to dubious behavior and slapstick comedy. No matter how small, selfish, ridiculous the goal is, if you just keep at it, you may learn a thing or two in the way, it may take you unexpected places, it may touch (positively or negatively) the lives of those around you and eventually lead you to where you want to be. If that is indeed where you want to be. It's about the journey after all, isn't it? And about setting the next goal and then the next and the next. Why? Well, who knows. But you have to keep going so might as well make it fun.

I have to admit I kinda felt this drag a bit towards the end and it is short but I really loved the ending and the way it all came together so I count it as a win.

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