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  • Captain Marvel

    Captain Marvel


    pleasantly surprised at how much restraint they had on in-universe jokes about the 90s, unpleasantly unsurprised at the needle drops being juuuuust a bit more than i needed (although i legitimately loved the nirvana and hole usage, serendipitously enough)

    i recently learned that people think of me as having a lotta hot takes, which is strange because i feel generally amiable to most movies and these entries aren’t so much “takes” or assertions as they are me trying to jot…

  • Shazam!



    a very expensive PG-13 disney channel original movie buoyed by 3 or 4 real good jokes and a charming performance by zachary levi, imo

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  • Us



    I really, really, really enjoyed this film. But as I left the theatre, I had so many more questions than I entered with, and the more I talked about it with a friend the more I realized that it is a complete inverse of the structure in Get Out (which tightens to a conclusion, as opposed to unraveling as you get more answers) which set me up to be disappointed. My fault!

    I’m confused by so much of what happened…

  • Disobedience



    inter-rachel love is beautiful