Assassination Nation ★★½

The visual direction in this thing is so energetic and interesting and done so well that it almost makes me frustrated I can't fully enjoy this thing because of the script. A lot of tonal moves that could be read as sincere or satire but feel pretty exhausting to deal with either way. Also feels crazy to market and title this thing around what feels like the final ten minutes of the movie.

I really liked the end credits sequence with "We Can't Stop" but I can't articulate why. I think because it felt like a nice reprieve after a truly upsetting watch. Not upsetting because I think the movie's bad but because it just felt... unrelenting. Just awful thing after awful thing happening in a horrifying scenario that felt like watching an actual nightmare. The trigger warnings up top felt like a gag in the moment but I'm loathe to imagine what this movie would've actually been without them.

Also, I predicted the last line of this movie and then got very mad when I was correct. Unforgivable.

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