Captain Marvel ★★★½

pleasantly surprised at how much restraint they had on in-universe jokes about the 90s, unpleasantly unsurprised at the needle drops being juuuuust a bit more than i needed (although i legitimately loved the nirvana and hole usage, serendipitously enough)

i recently learned that people think of me as having a lotta hot takes, which is strange because i feel generally amiable to most movies and these entries aren’t so much “takes” or assertions as they are me trying to jot down personal thoughts on movies before they escape my very-fractured brain, but here’s something that will probably be seen as a hot take: this is easily my favorite single-character origin story of the MCU so far! even above iron man 1! might have to do with me not getting to see it until everyone has leveled my expectations and said it’s bad or “fine at best,”  (or even might have to do with me seeing a superhero
movie i did not like only 3 hours before) but i enjoyed it more than those comments set me up to enjoy it.

the non-linear way of making it an origin story helped, as did a lot of the cosmic/time weirdness, which gets me excited about where the universe is gonna go after Endgame. i still hated the quick-cut way the action of the movie is shot, but i feel like that’s par for the course with these films now (except for with the russo bros?) also, as someone who’s experience in the Marvel comic world is limited to issues i read while working on the New Warriors TV show, i don't know anything about Captain Marvel or the Skrulls, but there was something very electric (pun not intended, or maybe even an actual pun, again, not familiar with her) about seeing both of them depicted in this movie for the first time as they were in print. so many little moments of humanity (her little cheer when she gets out of the hand braces, the scene about her uniform, even the flashbacks) are incredibly charming and make her character so much more likable than the “emotionless quip-quick genius outlaw” half of the other Marvel heroes seem to be. Carol Danvers is cool as fuck.

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