Hereditary ★★★★

this is my third viewing of this movie and i couldn't possibly even begin to write a cogent explanation of the entire plot. but i still love this shit. that entire third act gets me so pumped. i know people have problems with the ending (and sure, i kind of do too, hence me taking off half a star) but it's still so fucking fun to watch. feels like a perfect culmination of this batshit nonsense drama.

i also think i'm finally realizing what it is that makes people laugh in this movie– it feels like ari aster's directing style (for performances at least) is focused more on making an actor's emotions feel real, rather than cinematic. and often, 'real' emotions look goofy as fuck. a teenage boy crying "mommy," a grieving mother repeatedly screaming and contorting her face into an ugly scowl, two angry parents who stumble on their own words while trying to communicate in anger or move past their own stages of grief. i can see it coming off as silly, when the average horror movie casts every emotion in the shadow of fear and not "real human behavior." i dig it. it's off-putting at times, but i wouldn't wanna see anyone else's version of this story.

also, fuck steve graham. what a fuckin ass husband

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