I, Tonya

I, Tonya ★★★★★

I have not gotten tired of this movie yet. It's my 5th viewing, and I've never not felt something to the same degree that I did with the first viewing of this movie.

This was the first time I was able to pull myself back and watch it "as a movie" (i.e., trying to look at & consider the technical aspects of everything more than soak in the movie) and it still shines so so strongly in almost every regard. I think I'm going to be truly upset, as if it's some personal injustice, if Margot Robbie doesn't get an Oscar, or when Steven Rogers almost definitely doesn't get a screenplay nomination he deserves.

Maybe it's because the Kerrigan incident was before my time and therefore I don't have any attachment or preconceived understanding of the case or Tonya Harding, but I can't shake how much it means to see an actually complicated portrait of a person that builds them so well that I can connect emotions to them the way I would a real person I know. And to do that with someone who is essentially Michael Jordan to a part of the world is astounding. I feel so weirdly protective and proud and disappointed in the Tonya Harding this movie shows to me.

This is unquestionably my favorite movie of 2017.

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