Klaus ★★★★★

I am the farthest thing from an easy movie crier, and this movie made me cry like ten times. Easily more than any movie I have ever seen. When the kids started being good to each other and the little girl writes her name for the first time and you meet Margú and see her all grown up and every time they do something that makes you go “oh so that’s how Santa got that thing” a tear would well up in my eye. And then at the end I started thinking about how lovely it is to have a teacher that you really care for and love, who makes you feel so excited to learn and gives you that spark of joy that you get when something you didn’t know finally clicks and I started bawling. This movie isn’t really about teachers or children, but that’s what got to me. 

The animation on this film is gorgeous and the jokes are legitimately hilarious and every sight gag works for me. This movie also screams 2000s-era 2D Disney animation in the best way, and reminded me of The Emperor’s New Groove and Lilo & Stitch at several points in a way that made me nostalgic for a period of animation I honestly don’t think about very much. Look into the way they made the 3D-styled animation out of the 2D animation, it’s worth it. The only thing I could possibly take umbrage with is the soundtrack, which felt off to me but that’s probably just because it’s got such modern pop in it that it really kicked me out of my trance. Still can’t knock it though.

Also, this was created by the man who created the Minions. So the creator of the Minions turned me into a sobbing puddle at 4am last night. Absolutely humiliating.

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