Lady Bird

Lady Bird ★★★★★

two terrific details i noticed this time around:

a) holy cow, laurie metcalf’s car scenes. my heart is so heavy. obviously, her solo drive around the airport is crushing, but the only other scene where she’s driving alone also says so much. when she's driving home, quietly taking in the parts of the city she loves, we realize it’s her only nice and blissful moment of the day. the next time she drives is when she chooses to pick up lady bird from kyle’s on the way home– not because lady bird needed her, or because miguel had to, but because “it was easier.” for who?

it's also great to notice when she wants to call her "lady bird" and when she wants to call her "christine." just one of the many ways mama bird shows love, but lady bird doesn’t see it, even when the nun asks her the question that defines the movie: “don’t you think that’s kind of the same thing? love and attention?”

2) lady bird’s foreplay when losing her virginity was watching 9/11 news coverage

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